The Great Gatsby’s Hard-Hitting Lesson on Following God (+ free eBook)

Following the ways of God can feel brutally hard.

Great Gatsby

In the classic novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald explores the connections between personal wealth and self-esteem. One character, named Daisy, was born into an affluent family. Throughout her life, her major decisions revolved around the ability to maintain an opulent lifestyle. She marries a man named Tom, not because of his character, but because of his inherited wealth. And although she maintains a relatively unhappy existence (Tom is openly having an affair), the thought of living without his money is a risk she is unwilling to consider. Eventually her pursuit of abundance leads her to commit murder and ultimately leads to the death of the man she really loves. Fitzgerald sums up Daisy and Tom’s lives by saying, [Continue reading]

Discipleship in the U.S. hinges on this…

Every culture presents unique challenges to the process of discipleship.  In the U.S., one of our greatest challenges is materialism.

We are consumers.

To compound this problem, most people in the United States do not have any idea how consumeristic we are.  We think we live “normal” lives.  We assume we’re like the rest of the world because we do not understand what it means to live on two dollars a day or less.  Therefore, we unwittingly allow materialism – “the cares of this world” – to choke out our passion for God.

This is a sermon I preached from Matthew 13.  It offers the reason that many church people are missing out on the best things of God (the Kingdom of God) and presents the heart of God on this often overlooked issue.

After the video, let me know what you think about this critical aspect of U.S. discipleship in the comments below.

Go deeper on the subject of Biblical generosity and its connection to discipleship at GenerousChurch.

Costly Thursday: Healing the Wounds from Absentee Church Fathers

like father like son

God cares for orphans, and the church may be creating them in droves.  (Tweet that!) Let me explain… Last night I saw a commercial on the OWN Network. Okay, before I go any further, here’s my confession.  I watch the OWN Network.  … [Continue reading]

It’s About God. It’s About Making Disciples. Period.

Francis Chan video

Don't watch this video if you are comfortable with the status quo of celebrity pastors and churches that are not growing. Don't watch this video if you love the world's definition of success. Don't watch this video if you think discipleship … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to Pray With Your Children

praying man

I will never forget when I started praying for my children.  In fact, those first prayers for my girls were probably some of the most deeply moving prayers I have ever uttered for them.  They were prayers of surrender…prayers of humility. I … [Continue reading]



What is #365Disciple? It's a Twitter combination of Scripture and practical insights to help me (and you) live out the Jesus-ways of life.  It's a daily invitation to and reflection on being a disciple of Jesus. It's helpful.  It's challenging. … [Continue reading]


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