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A Biblical Guide for Overcoming Sin (Infographic)

Since we are heading quickly toward Good Friday and Easter, I thought this would be a good time to share a resource that I have been playing with for a few days.  Easter is a time that makes many people consider their relationship with God.  As a result, it also compels us to think about how we have contributed to the death of Jesus through our sinfulness.  (Our mistakes…our failures…our depravity…whatever we want to call it, it’s still sin.  Here’s a great sermon from Andy Stanley about that idea.)

Many people are plagued by the question, “How can I overcome sin?”  Thankfully, the Bible is not silent on this issue.  It reminds us that while we all fall short of the glory of God, we don’t have to linger in mud of sin.  Through the power of God’s Spirit working in us, we don’t have to act like the dog that returns to its vomit.  (I know that’s gross, but…honestly…it’s pretty accurate isn’t it?)

So, here’s my first-ever attempt at an infographic.  Admittedly, it’s not pretty.  I’m not a graphic artist (my boss reminds me of this on a weekly basis).  But, as you will see, the Word of God gives us great encouragement for overcoming sin.

After you wrestle with the info (and laugh at the graphics), let me know what you think.

overcoming sin infographic

Click the graphic to enlarge the image

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