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Get Your Program Off My Disciple

Have you ever considered the fact that Jesus never started a single church program?

  • He didn’t initiate a choir.
  • He didn’t gather people for Sunday School or small groups.
  • He didn’t start a weekly time of outreach and visitation.
  • He didn’t set up special classes for children and youth.
  • He never developed an Easter play or Christmas pageant.
  • He never wrote discipleship curriculum.
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I’ll make you fishers of men…

Of all of the people that ever lived, wouldn’t it make sense that Jesus would have been the one to develop a five-point method of making disciples?  Doesn’t it seem like Jesus should have created an FAQ on  making disciples?   It’s not like people did not write in 1st century Israel.  There were libraries full of books while Jesus was physically on earth.

But He never authored a single one.

He never gave us a formula for making disciples or advancing the kingdom of God.  He never whispered in the ears of the disciples giving them a magic-bullet system for helping people fall in love with God and His ways.

Instead, He stayed attuned to the Father and loved people.  He made it a point to listen to God continually and allow the Holy Spirit to guide His thoughts and actions.  And then, He loved people.

I seriously doubt that Jesus discipled Peter in the same way that He did Bartholomew.  I have a hard time finding any Scripture that demonstrates a programmatic approach to Jesus’s mission.  So, as far as I can tell, this was His method:

  1. Abide in God and
  2. Love others as much as we love ourselves.

What do you think?

To read more on this subject, see Andy Harrison’s article “Discipleship: It’s a process, not a program.”

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